2016: The International Year Of The Pulse (IYOP)

2016: The International Year Of The Pulse (IYOP)

United Nations General Assembly nomination

Following the announcement by the UN General Assembly to nominate 2016 as International Year of Pulses, Phaseolus Ltd are pleased to confirm their support for this worthy initiative.
IYOP is an opportunity of unprecedented magnitude for the global pulse sector. It has the potential to draw the attention of governments, international bodies, the food sector, researchers and consumers to pulses and showcase their ability to address food security, health, nutrition and sustainability issues. While the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations will ultimately play a key role in making decisions regarding IYOP initiatives, the FAO has welcomed input on ideas and focus for IYOP initiatives. Potential theme areas for IYOP include:

1) Production/Food Security,
2) Trade/Market Stability
3) Nutrition/Health/Food Innovation and
4) Environmental Sustainability.

IYOP Objectives:

Increase pulse contribution to daily protein needs to 20% by 2020
Increase in pulse production by small land holders/women farmers to improve food security in high risk areas.
Increase global awareness/interest of consumers, governments, food industry and NGOs in pulses and their health, nutrition and environmentally sustainable benefits
Increase awareness among consumers, food industry and governments of the link between pulse consumption and diet quality as well as management of non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Develop an internationally coordinated health and nutrition research strategy through engagement with governments, researchers, NGOs, associations, etc.
Improve the regulatory framework in which trade occurs to enhance food security and reduce price volatility
Improve production performance (yield, disease control, variety availability, etc.) so that pulses can contribute to sustainable development of cropping systems around the world

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